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VINCENT DE BOECK BV  with company number BE 0834.074.294 and registered office located at witherenstraat 41/3/03, 1800 vilvoorde, is the owner and operator of the website accessible at vincentdeboeck.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). In this context, the terms "vincentdeboeck.com", "we" or "us" also refer to the aforementioned company.
1. Applicability of these Terms of Use
1.1. These Terms of Use are specifically applicable to the usage of the Website and do not cover any usage policies of other service providers that you may access through or via the Website.

1.2. In the event that any provision(s) of these Terms of Use are deemed null or non-applicable, it will not render the entire agreement null and void.

1.3. Vincentdeboeck.com retains the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. Such changes will be announced on the Website and/or via electronic means. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your acceptance of the revised terms. These Terms of Use were last revised on 10/04/2023.

1.4. These Terms of Use are without prejudice to any mandatory legal provisions applicable to the protection of consumers, in particular the relevant provisions of the Economic Law Code (WER).
2. How can you reach us?
Legal form: BV
Trade/brand name: 'vincentdeboeck.com'
Address: Witherenstraat 41 / 3/3 – 1800 Vilvoorde
Enterprise number (KBO): BE 1006.076.476
Email: privacy@vincentdeboeck.com
Website hyperlink: https://vincentdeboeck.com
3. Terms of Use
3.1. Information and Content on the Website

3.1.1. Vincentdeboeck.com endeavors to ensure that the information on the Website, including but not limited to data, photos, video files, and texts, is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. However, despite our efforts, inaccuracies may occur for which Vincentdeboeck.com accepts no liability.

3.1.2. Vincentdeboeck.com cannot guarantee that malfunctions, interruptions, or technical errors will not occur that may limit or prevent access to the Website.

3.1.3. The information on the Website is of a general nature and is indicative, and it is not tailored to individual or specific circumstances. It cannot be considered as personal advice or a contractual commitment and cannot give rise to compensation or termination of the agreement with Vincentdeboeck.com. The information on the Website is provided as-is, without any guarantees being provided. Therefore, the use of the Website and the information contained therein is solely at your own risk and responsibility. You acknowledge and accept that Vincentdeboeck.com's commitments regarding the operation and content of the Website are solely best efforts obligations.

3.1.4. You are obligated to use the Website only for legitimate purposes.

3.2. Your Obligations

3.2.1. You must have a reliable and stable internet connection and high-performance hardware and software suitable for accessing the Website's services. Additionally, you should have adequate and up-to-date anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection on your systems.

3.2.2. In the event that the systems of Vincentdeboeck.com, its employees, subcontractors, external suppliers, or service providers, and/or its other users should suffer damage due to the exchange of computer viruses or other harmful files, you are fully and exclusively liable to Vincentdeboeck.com. You shall indemnify Vincentdeboeck.com fully, without limitation, for any claims from third parties, including appointees, subcontractors, external suppliers, or service providers, and users of Vincentdeboeck.com who may suffer damages as a result.Regenerate response
4. Processing of personal data
Vincentdeboeck.com values your privacy and complies with applicable privacy regulations. To learn more about how we protect and process your personal data on or through the Website, please refer to our privacy policy at: https://www.vincentdeboeck.com/privacy-policy.
5. Liability
5.1. Vincentdeboeck.com is in no way liable for:
5.2. Vincentdeboeck.com can under no circumstances be held jointly and severally or in solidum with third parties to compensate for any damage.

5.3. However, nothing excludes Vincentdeboeck.com's liability for intent or serious misconduct that can be equated with intent. Vincentdeboeck.com's liability, both for direct and indirect damage, is in any case limited to the lowest of the following amounts: the amount that corresponds to the value of the services on which the complaint is based. This same limitation shall apply if the exclusion(s) of liability contained in this Section 5 should ever be held by any court or arbitrator to be invalid or unenforceable.
6. Intellectual Property
6.1. The Website, its parts, and all information and/or content on, connected to, and/or generated by the Website, including but not limited to all texts, images, logos, graphics, formulas, video files, sound files, HTML codes, software, databases, the design or any other creation, content, or information on or related to the Website, belong to the exclusive intellectual property of vincentdeboeck.com or its licensors and may only be reproduced or communicated to the public with the express, written, and prior consent of vincentdeboeck.com or its licensors.In other words, you are prohibited at all times (including after termination of the agreement with vincentdeboeck.com) from using the Website (or parts thereof), including all information connected to or generated by the Website and/or the content of the Website, in any way, reproduce or communicate to the public without the express, written, prior permission of vincentdeboeck.com or its licensors.

6.3. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be construed as constituting a transfer or license of vincentdeboeck.com's intellectual property rights to you.

6.4. You acknowledge and agree that the services on the Website may use certain open source software or freeware under licenses that may contain provisions that supersede these terms of use.

6.5. You acknowledge and accept that information or content on the Website may be subject to protection by intellectual property rights of third parties. You declare to respect these rights and to fully indemnify vincentdeboeck.com, in principal, interest, and (court and lawyer's) costs against any infringements by you of the intellectual property rights of third parties in this regard.
7. Complaints
7.1. VINCENT DE BOECK BV  will not retain your data longer than necessary for the purposes outlined in Article 5, unless special legal provisions apply to their storage or processing.

7.2. For instance, in the context of their services, they will retain your data for a maximum of 5 years following the termination of the agreement (this is the contractual claim limitation period). Certain other data will be kept for different periods. They will retain particular social documents related to personnel for 3 years and specific accounting and tax documents for 6 years. Applicant data will be retained for up to 2 years following the application, unless they need the data to defend against a possible claim (such as a claim regarding discrimination in the recruitment process), in which case they may retain the data for up to 4 years.Additionally, certain data may be subject to specific statutory retention periods. In any case, the principle always applies that VINCENT DE BOECK BV  will not retain your data longer than necessary.
Any dispute about the interpretation or application of these terms of use or arising from any use of the Website is exclusively subject to Belgian law and falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels, unless the law mandatorily prescribes the jurisdiction of another court.
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